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Friday, June 27
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Best bumper sticker available in the Exhibition Hall: "Who are you to question why your God doesn't want me to believe in Him?"

One of the gods I'm having trouble believing in this week is a merciful one who controls the weather. Several people back home in New England rolled their eyes at the prospect of being in Fort Lauderdale in late June. And as much as I'm enjoying being here ... they weren't wrong. The high temperatures—upper 80s—sound reasonable for summer. But the real oppression is the humidity, which fogs my glasses whenever I step out of the air conditioning. High humidity means a high dew point, and that keeps temperatures from falling more than a few degrees below 80 at night. The wind is the only saving grace. The Convention Center is close enough to the ocean that we get a breeze, but it's still a warm, humid breeze.

Reported by Doug Muder.

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