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2008 General Assembly Pressroom

Hometown Press Release

The "Hometown Press Release" below is a basic template for General Assembly attendees to adapt and send to local media outlets.

Hometown Press Release
June 29, 2008 | from the UUA

In the Media

Unitarians Oppose Anti-Gay Marriage Ballot Measures
July 5, 2008 | The Salt Lake Tribune

Assembly Backs Gay, Immigrant Rights
July 5, 2008 | Washington Post

Unitarians Oppose Anti-gay Measures
July 5, 2008 | The Ledger

Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly Affirms Rights for Immigrants and Same-Sex Couples
July 1, 2008 | Miami Herald

Free Ourselves from Tyranny of Oil, Green Activist Urges
July 3, 2008 |

Unitarians Oppose Anti-Gay Marriage Ballot Measures
July 1, 2008 | Religion News Service

3,000 Unitarian Universalists Gather for National Assembly
June 29, 2008 | South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Unaffiliated? Go On, Jump In, the Theology is Fine
June 27, 2008 | Politics in Color

Human Rights Gains Noted During Unitarian Gathering in Fort Lauderdale
June 26, 2008 | South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Universalists Plan Five-Day Gathering in Fort Lauderdale with Caucuses, Issues, Rallies
June 21, 2008 | South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Unitarian Universalist Association to Convene 2008 General Assembly June 24-29 in Fort Lauderdale
June 17, 2008 | Miami Herald

Unitarian Church Wins Justice Award
June 5, 2008 | The Washington Post

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