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Districts and Regions of the Unitarian Universalist Association

UUA Regions and Districts

Unitarian Universalists congregations are organized into groups called Districts and Regions. There are currently twelve Districts and two Regions in North America; each of the Districts is also part of a Region. Each Region is served by a Regional Lead and a team of Congregational Life Staff. These staff provide a wide variety of congregational services such as long-range planning and organizational development, ministerial transitions, leadership training, and conflict management.

The directory page for each Region/District provides those local resource contacts.

MidAmerica Region

The MidAmerica Region includes 194 congregations in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kentucky, Michigan, western Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, comprising the former Central MidWest, Heartland, and Prairie Star districts.

Looking to connect with a MidAmerica Region staff? Feel free to reach out to anyone on the team. To contact someone in your geographic area or with a specialty in a specific topic, please visit the MidAmerica Region website.

The Southern Region

The Southern Region has consolidated staff and efforts to equip congregations with the effective leadership and training they need to build and nurture strong, dynamic congregations for the 21st century throughout the South.

The Southern Region comprises the former Florida, Mid-South, Southeast, and Southwest, districts.

The entire Regional staff is ready to respond when needed, but our hope is that you and your Primary Contact will build knowledge of one another, and that your ministry as a Unitarian Universalist congregation will be supported in new and valuable ways as we together move our dynamic faith forward.

Central East Regional (CER)

CER is a comprised of the former Joseph Priestley, Metro New York, Ohio Meadville, and St. Lawrence districts, which includes congregations in Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.


Each congregation in the Central East Region has a Primary Contact who is someone with whom you can build a close, working relationship, who will have an intimate knowledge of your congregation's blessings and challenges, and can be proactive in helping you to share those blessings and meet those challenges. 

New England Region

Two unique ministries were formed in the New England Region to serve the wider movement: Faithify, a Unitarian Universalist crowdfunding website, and Leap of Faith. The four districts that comprise the New England Region are:

The New England Regional Staff are often the first and primary source of support, counsel and information for lay and professional leaders. Feel free to contact any of us for assistance.

Pacific Western Region (PWR)

The Pacific Western Region is the amazing collaboration of four large, dynamic and beautiful western districts of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

All of the PWR staff stand ready to help.

As Unitarian Universalists, we believe that the sacred and the power of grace arise from the interdependent web of which we all are a part. As we build deeper connections between all of us, a powerful creativity arises that enables us to transform the world and each other.—Rev. Scott Tayler, Director, Congregational Life

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