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Openings: Words for Worship

Search Words for Worship to browse by keyword or look for something specific, or learn How to Write Your Own Opening Words or Invocations.

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Amid all the noise in our lives
by Tim Haley
Opening Words | Meditations

Annual Meeting Invocation
by Heather K. Janules

As surely as we belong to the universe
by Margaret A. Keip
Opening Words | Weddings / Unions

As we enter into worship, put away the pressures of the world
by Erika A. Hewitt
Openings | Opening Words

As we gather together this morning
by Bets Wienecke
Opening Words

Bridging Ceremony
by Jeff Liebmann
Opening Words | Graduation Recognition

Call to Worship for Stewardship Sunday
by Leslie Takahashi Morris

Call to Worship on Easter
by Elizabeth M. Strong
Openings | Spring | Easter

Children of the earth and sky, we are nurtured, sustained
by Alice Berry
Opening Words

Come down off the ladder.
by David S. Blanchard
Openings | Opening Words

Come into this circle of community. Come into this sacred space.
by Andrew Pakula
Opening Words

Come into this circle of love and justice
by Marilyn J. Sewell
Openings | Variable | Association Sunday

Come into this house of worship.
by Carolyn S. Owen-Towle
Openings | Opening Words

Come into this place
by Rebecca A. Edmiston-Lange
Openings | Opening Words

Come ye into this house of worship!
by Elizabeth A. Parish
Openings | Opening Words

Come, all you who seek truth, abide in love, and honor peace, enter into this house with thanksgiving;
by Dorothy Boroush
Openings | Invocations

Come, Come To This Place
by Daniel Budd
Opening Words

Come, Come, Whoever You Are
by Melanie Morel-Ensminger

Come, let us worship together.
by Lindsay Bates
Openings | Opening Words

Come, yet again, come
by Anne Slater
Opening Words | Meditations | Variable

Come. Let us be joined in seeking the aspirations of the heart.
by Calvin O. Dame
Openings | Opening Words

Determined Seed
by Laura Wallace
Openings | Opening Words | Winter

Do not leave your cares at the door.
by Norman V. Naylor
Openings | Opening Words

by Charles F. Flagg
Opening Words | Spring | Easter

Enter Into The Quiet
by Jay E. Abernathy, Jr.

Enter with me the sacred space.
by Amarette Callaway

Everything begins on the verge of awareness.
by George Kimmich Beach
Opening Words

For our community gathered here, for the spirit that called us together and drew us to this place:
by Jane E. Mauldin
Opening Words | Litanies

Here in this sanctuary of ancient dreams and wisdom and beauty we come to grow
by Jack Mendelsohn
Openings | Winter | New Year's Day

House of Welcoming
by Orlanda R. Brugnola
Opening Words

How To Write Your Own Invocations
by Erik Walker Wikstrom
Openings | Invocations | Variable

How To Write Your Own Opening Words
by Erik Walker Wikstrom
Openings | Opening Words | Variable

If just for this hour
by Martha Kirby Capo
Opening Words | Variable | Association Sunday

In this quiet hour may our spirits be renewed.
by Gary Kowalski
Opening Words

by Tamara Lebek
Openings | Opening Words | Fall | Homecoming / Ingathering

It Is Good To Be Together
by Alison Wohler

Let there be joy in our coming together this morning.
by Carl G Seaburg
Opening Words

Many Paths
by Martha Kirby Capo
Opening Words | Variable | Association Sunday

May we come into this building hallowed
by Kenneth R. Warren
Opening Words

Motherless Child
by Amy Bowden Freedman
Openings | Responsive Readings

On a Winter Morning
by Barbara Cheatham
Opening Words

Once More
by Amy Bowden Freedman
Openings | Opening Words | Spring

One of the old ones stood up into the morning light
by Barbara J. Pescan
Opening Words

Opening Words for a Blessing of the Animals
by Susan Karlson
Opening Words | Blessing of the Animals

Opening Words for a Leadership Team Worship
by Gina Whitaker
Opening Words | Responsive Readings

Opening Words for Flower Communion Sunday
by Thomas Rhodes
Opening Words | Spring | Flower Communion

Opening Words for the Summer Solstice
by B. Leslie Koons
Opening Words

Reach the Place of Self
by Ma. Theresa Gustilo Gallardo
Openings | Opening Words | Variable

Reflection on the UUA Purpose and Principles
by Michael E. Sallwasser
Opening Words

Sabbath Invitation
by John Millspaugh
Opening Words

Seasons of Our Lives
by Richard M. Fewkes

Special Ingathering Ritual with Calling of Directions
by Jane Altman Page
Invocations | Fall | Homecoming / Ingathering

Spirit of life and hope,
by Clarke Dewey Wells

Spirit of life and love, we have gathered here in search of answers to hard questions.
by Sue Ayer

Spirit of life, be present with us
by Kathy A. Huff

Spirit of life, come to us to break down barriers
by Rhys Williams

Territorial Acknowledgment
by Sean Neil-Barron

The conscious choice
by Martha Kirby Capo
Opening Words | Variable | Association Sunday

The meaning of Christmas to a Unitarian Universalist
by Lenny Scovel
Openings | Opening Words | Winter | Christmas Eve / Christmas

The Ones Who Ever Win
by Eileen B. Karpeles
Opening Words

The Sacred Hour
by Christopher A. Rothbauer

There are some heights to which we have not risen, and never will
by Paul H. Bicknell
Opening Words

These Bodies, These Blessings
by Erika A. Hewitt
Openings | Prayers

To this house we come bringing our boldest dreams
by Lawrence E. McGinty
Opening Words

Today we celebrate a dream awakening.
by Elizabeth M. Strong
Openings | Opening Words

Water! Earth! Air! Fire!
by Peter S. Raible
Opening Words | Spring | Earth Day

We are called to gather in worship as a beloved community.
by Kirk D. Loadman-Copeland
Opening Words

We are here that we might have life
by John C. Morgan
Opening Words | Offerings

We are here today to recognize the completion of your Coming of Age...
Opening Words | Spring | Coming of Age

We are people of all ages
by Carol Meyer
Opening Words

We are Unitarian Universalists
by John M. Higgins
Openings | Opening Words

We bid you welcome on this first Sunday of the new year.
by Sylvia L. Howe
Opening Words | Winter | New Year's Day

We come to love a church,
by Andrew C. Kennedy
Opening Words

We come to this hour
by Louise A. Robeck
Opening Words

We come together today in praise and thanksgiving
by Mary J. Harrington
Opening Words | Spring | Mother's Day

We gather here as individual people:
by Barbara Hamilton-Holway
Openings | Opening Words | Fall | Homecoming / Ingathering

We gather here to worship:
by Gary Kowalski
Opening Words

We gather in community to rest from our labors
by Paul H. L'Herrou
Opening Words

We gather on this Sabbath morn
by Burton D. Carley
Opening Words

We gather this day to seek in the midst of our fragmented selves the unity which enfolds us all
by John H. Robinson, Jr.
Opening Words

We gather together in this space to honor and understand our lives.
by Judith G. Mannheim
Opening Words

We gather together to face ourselves honestly,
by Philip Larson
Opening Words

We gather together: familiar words to many of us.
by Libbie D. Stoddard

We have come into this room of hope
by Libbie D. Stoddard
Opening Words

we need one another
by Erik Walker Wikstrom
Opening Words | Variable | Association Sunday

We summon ourselves from the demands and delights of the daily round:
by Gordon B. McKeeman
Opening Words

We unite in our differences
by David Breeden
Opening Words | Variable | Association Sunday

Welcome to this common, sacred space.
by Amy McKenzie Quinn
Opening Words

Welcome to this place of possibility!
by Marianne Hachten Cotter

What life have we, if we have not life together?
by Charles A. Howe
Opening Words

Whatever the need that brings you to this special place and hour,
by Albert F. Ciarcia
Opening Words

When I Change
by Ma. Theresa Gustilo Gallardo
Invocations | Responsive Readings | Variable

Whether you have come here with heart full or heart empty,
by Krista Taves
Opening Words

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