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Association Sunday

Though Association Sunday officially came to a close in 2011, we hope you will continue the tradition of holding a special service each October—or whenever has become your tradition—to nurture the bonds that connect our Unitarian Universalist congregations and celebrate our Association of Congregations.

Proceeds from these special collections will be directed to Friends of the UUA to ensure that Unitarian Universalism thrives for generations to come. 

Unitarian Universalist Perspectives

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by: David O Rankin

by: David Breeden

by: Cynthia Frado

by: Mary Wellemeyer

by: Ralph Yeager Roberts

by: Laura Wallace

by: Sarah Movius Schurr

by: Lucinda S Duncan

by: Wayne B Arnason

by: Marta M Flanagan

by: Ruben Piirainen, Suzelle Lynch

by: Lyn Cox

by: Gary Kowalski

by: Aaron Payson

by: David A Miller

by: Fr. Austin Fleming

by: Maureen Killoran

by: Annie Gonzalez Milliken

by: Tess Baumberger

by: Leslie Takahashi Morris

by: Lisa Doege

by: Jan Richardson

by: Kendyl R Gibbons

by: Rebecca Parker

by: Amy Shaw

by: Sarah Gettie McNeill

by: Thomas Rhodes


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