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Youth Leadership

Are you a youth leader? Do you want to be? This page offers resources to assist youth leaders as well as opportunities for youth to expand their leadership experience and be recognized for their work.

Looking for leadership training opportunities? Visit our Events and Trainings page.

Leadership Recognition

  • Luminary Leaders
    This program sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is a new initiative for youth leaders. Get recognized for the work you’ve already done and get plugged into new opportunities as they become available. All youth leaders at all levels are welcome to be part of the program.

Opportunities for Leaders

  • Youth Caucus Staff
    Selected annually for one- and two-year terms, the Youth Caucus Staff plans and delivers the Youth Caucus programming every year at General Assembly.  
  • Youth Observers
    Each year youth are elected by youth across the country to serve as Youth Observers to the Board of Trustees. Learn more about the youth currently serving and how you could be a Youth Observer in the future.
  • Associational Committees
    Youth can also serve on various committees on the Associational level. One way to join a committee is through the Nominating Committee, which nominates candidates for elected positions. Another way is through the Committee on Committees which appoints members to the various committees of the Board.

Resources for Leaders

  • Code of Ethics for Youth in Leadership (PDF)
    This is the Code of Ethics that the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries uses for its youth leaders at events like General Assembly. It is offered as a sample to help you draft your own.

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