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Recipients of the Angus MacLean Award

2014: Bonita (Nita) Penfold
2013: Linda Olson Peebles
2012: Liz Jones
2011: Barry Andrews
2010: Elizabeth Strong
2009: William G. Sinkford
2008: Helen Bishop
2007: Gail L. Forsyth-Vail
2006: Jacqui A. James
2005: Makanah Morriss
2004: Betty Jo Middleton
2003: Tirell Kimball
2002: Pat Ellenwood
2001: Elizabeth Stevens
2000: Jeannellen Ryan
1999: Carol A. Taylor
1998: Frank E. Robertson
1997: Marjorie C. Skwire
1996: Mary Ann Moore
1995: Norma Veridan
1994: Dorothy Tilden Spoerl
1993: Fred and Betty Ward
1992: Junella Elizabeth Hanson
1991: Eleanor Boyles Hunting
1990: Wayne B. Arnason
1989: Alice M. Harrison
1988: Ann Fields
1987: Barbara Marshman
1986: Robert L'Hommedieu Miller
1985: Margaret K. Gooding
1984: Richard S. Gilbert
1983: Elizabeth Holden Baker
1982: Gordon B. McKeeman
1981: Jean Starr Willliams
1980: Til Evans
1979: Heather McDonald
1978: Christine M. Wetzel
1977: Eugene B. Navias
1976: Hugo and Barbara Hollerorth
1975: Roberta Nelson
1974: Margaret Odell
1973: Mary Elizabeth Anastos
1972: Joan Welch Goodwin

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Last updated on Monday, July 21, 2014.

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Angus H. MacLean Award recipients Gail Forsyth-Vail (2007), Rev. Dr. Barry Andrews (2011), and Helen Bishop (2008) at the 2011 Liberal Religious Educators Association meeting in Portland, Oregon.

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