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Leader Resource 8: UU Principles Song

By Lisa Rubin; used with permission.

Sing to the tune of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm."

Seven UU Principles,

Come and sing with me!


Everyone is special,

That's what we believe!

With a high five here and a high five there,

Here a high five, there a high five, everywhere a high five ...

Everyone is special!

That's what we believe!


Treat people kindly!

That's what we believe!

With a back pat here ...


Take each person as they are!

That's what we believe!

With a welcome here ...


Grow in spirit, mind, and heart!

That's what we believe!

With a growth spurt here ...


Act and vote on your concerns!

That's what we believe!

With a "Yes" vote here, and a "No" vote there ...

Here a "Yes", there a "No", everywhere a "Yes" or "No" ...


Work for peace and justice!

That's what we believe!

With a peace sign here, and a peace sign there ...

Here a sign, there a sign, everywhere a peace sign ...


To nature we're connected!

That's what we believe!

With a "web link" here, and a "web link" there ...

Here a link, there a link, everywhere a web link ...

Seven UU Principles,


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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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