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Leader Resource 1: Making Nature Journals

Method 1

For each journal, you will need:

  • six pages of unlined copy paper
  • one page of heavier, card stock paper

You will also need a sewing machine and thread, and some glue.

1. Stack six pieces of copy paper together, and fold them in half.

2. Using a sewing machine, bind the pages together into a booklet by sewing along the fold line, eight stitches per inch.

3. Open the booklet, and glue a single page of heavier, card stock paper to the outside – the page that will become the cover and back cover of the booklet. Do not use glue on the binding edge of the booklet, where the stitches are.

4. Allow the glue to completely dry. Then, fold the cover over the stitched pages to close the booklet.

Method 2

For each journal, you will need:

  • a one-inch or smaller three-ring binder, OR three binder rings
  • ten sheets of unlined copy paper, punched for a three-ring binder
  • one page of card stock, punched for a three-ring binder (if you are using rings, rather than binders)

1. If you are using binders, place ten pages into each three-ring binder.

2. If you are using simple rings, stack together ten unlined pages and one page of card stock for each journal. Then, put the binder rings in the holes.

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Last updated on Friday, May 17, 2013.

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