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Activity time: 15 minutes

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Customize the Taking It Home section of this workshop and copy for participants.
  • Copy Handout 1, Responsive Reading and (optional) Handout 2, Social Justice Resources for all participants.

Description of Activity

Ring the bell or chime and invite everyone into a moment of silence to reflect on the most important thing they are taking away from program. Tell them it can be anything: a story, a song, a sense of connection, a new learning, or a curiosity for further study. After about a minute of silence, invite each participant in turn to share briefly, reminding them that they may pass.

Distribute Handout 1 and lead participants in the responsive reading; invite them to respond to your reading of the plain text by reading aloud the text in italics.

Invite a participant to come forward and extinguish the chalice as you say these words: "As we extinguish this chalice, may we let the light of our tradition kindle our hope for a better world."

Encourage participants to continue to use their journal for reflection.

If you have made copies of Handout 2, Social Justice Resources, distribute it along with Taking It Home.

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