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Sacred Rest

Nearly every religious tradition encourages taking times of pure rest. In the Jewish tradition this is called “Sabbath,” a complete break from all work. Christians also observe Sabbath, yet differently: one Episcopal priest calls Sabbath a time to do whatever you truly feel called to do and nothing you feel you “should” do.


During the next 20 minutes, discuss questions such as the following (or whatever else this topic brings up):

·        Have you ever known times such as this? When? What made them “sacred rest” for you?

·        Do you regularly schedule such times in your life today? Why or why not?

·        If you do, how do you manage to do it? What’s it like for you?

·        If you do not, how might you begin to create such times?

·        What do you see as the benefits of Sabbath time or sacred rest?

·        What do you see as its challenges?

·        What else do you want to talk about in relation to this topic?


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Last updated on Saturday, October 29, 2011.

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