The ten-workshop series Spirit in Practice by Erik Walker Wikstrom is an excellent follow-up to Spirit of Life. Its workshops focus on specific practices that Unitarian Universalists can use to develop their spirituality.

Other Unitarian Universalist programs for spiritual growth include:

Thoreau as Spiritual Guide and Emerson as Spiritual Guide by Barry Andrews; Building Your Spiritual Home: A Unitarian Universalist Young Adult Curriculum by Caitlin Anderson and Mary Ann Macklin; Lifelines: Holding On and Letting Go and Lifecraft: The Art of Meaning in Everyday Life, both by Forrest Church (Beacon Press; Evensong for Families, Evensong: Volume 1 and Evensong: Volume 2, by Barbara Hamilton-Holway; Gatherings: Small Group Ministry for Men by Tony Bushman and Bill Hamilton-Holway; Parents as Spiritual Guides by Roberta and Christopher Nelson; and The Force of Spirit by Scott Russell Sanders and a discussion guide by Sophia Betancourt.

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