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Jubilee Anti-Racism Training

This resource is designed specifically for congregations, clusters, districts, and other organizations that are looking for an intensive and advanced anti-racism training.

Previously called Jubilee II, the Jubilee Anti-Racism Training is a two-and-a-half-day power analysis of racism. From Friday evening through Sunday afternoon participants work with two experienced trainers to examine and analyze historical and institutional racism in the United States.

Using materials developed by Crossroads Antiracism Organizing & Training, exercises in the workshop explore the historical development and power dynamics of racism, the social construction of racial identity, and an analysis of three manifestations of racism—individual, institutional, and cultural. The workshop helps Unitarian Universalists to develop a Unitarian Universalist spiritual and theological grounding for anti-racism and anti-oppression action.

To deal effectively with systemic racism it is important to have an accurate diagnosis of racism and to use terms that have clearly understood meanings. During the Jubilee Anti-Racism Training the group develops this common analysis that leads to discussion of many of the issues surrounding and feeding racism. There are three aims of the workshop:

  1. To work with participants of the anti-racism and social justice teams on a strategy for creating internal institutional change.
  2. To inform participants about the available support and programs offered by the Unitarian Universalist Association that reinforce the work already being done in the congregation.
  3. To generate enthusiasm and build momentum for continued anti-racist education and organizing in the congregation.

The workshop provides background and understanding of the mandate of the 1997 Business Resolution passed at General Assembly in Phoenix, AZ, calling for the commitment to develop an anti-racist multicultural religious community at all levels of the Unitarian Universalist Association. In applying the analysis of racism to specific situations in our denomination as it functions as an institution, we focus on how we can create an anti-racist religious community by increasing awareness of racism, power, and privilege and developing strategies for congregational change.

The fee for the workshop is $750 per trainer plus expenses. Expenses include travel and lodging for the trainers, workshop food, and materials. The organization may choose to charge a fee to workshop participants to help defer some of the workshop expenses. Congregations often partner with other congregations in their area and/or invite community organizations—these options spread the cost amongst more parties and also build valuable connections.

Email araomc [at] uua [dot] org for more information or to apply for a Jubilee Anti-Racism Training. You can also find out more about other programs from Multicultural Growth & Witness.

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