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With a deep passion for and commitment to international human rights, youth and adults from all over North America gather annually for our three day seminar to dig deeply into issues with global impact.

Through peer and expert-led panel discussions, community building activities, keynote speeches and worship services, participants undergo a transformative process of learning, reflection, and growth as we explore some of the most challenging issues facing humanity today.

Youth Chaplain Applications are in, but we are still accepting applications for Spring Seminar Adult Chaplains, (two adults). Please submit the application to unitednations [at] uua [dot] org by December 1, 2015.

Seminar 2016

Our 2016 seminar will be April 7-9, 2016 in New York City. The seminar will focus on Income Inequality around the world. Together, we will consider UU engagement with issues like:

  • Rich versus poor disparities within countries and worldwide
  • Globalization's impact on income inequality
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Inclusion of women, LGBTQ individuals, indigenous people, and other vulnerable groups in economic activity
  • Racial discrimination
  • Political instability caused by income inequality

Read more about our 2015 Intergenerational Spring Seminar on our blog!

The 2015 Spring Seminar Statement is now available to read and share.

2016 Seminar Costs

  Before March 10th After March 10th
Senior (65+) $295 $355
Adult (35-64) $340 $395
Young Adult (19-34) $225 $285
Youth (14-18) $140 $175
Day Rate $160 $160

Seminar fees help us cover the costs of venues, materials, and food for participants during the seminar. A tentative schedule (PDF) from 2015 is availlable for review.

The UU-UNO also fundraises to provide scholarships and support the financial needs of speakers from around the world. We recommend gathering a multigenerational delegation at your congregation and planning a fundraiser to help cover the costs of attending the seminar; it's a great way to get your community involved!

Registration for the 2016 Spring Seminar will open in January 2016. Participants must register no later than March 23rd. Cancellations cannot be refunded after March 23rd.

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship or financial assistance, or if you would like to sponsor an attendee, please contact us: unitednations [at] uua [dot] org

Youth at Spring Seminar

The UU United Nations Office's Intergenerational Spring Seminar is open to anyone age 14 and up, and typically around half of all participants are between ages 14 and 18. Youth orientation begins a day early, so for Seminar 2016 youth will arrive on April 6. Safety is our top priority - all youth attending the seminar must be accompanied by a youth sponsor (maximum 5 youth per sponsor).

  • Youth Deans: Youth leaders during the seminar and key members of Seminar Planning Committee. Two-year position for youth aged 14-18. All fees, including registration, travel, food, and lodging are covered by UU-UNO. Application here 
  • Youth Chaplains: Must receive chaplain training prior to start of the seminar. All fees, including registration, travel, food, and lodging are covered by UU-UNO. Application here
  • Adult Chaplains: Support youth staff during Spring Seminar. Must receive chaplain training prior to start of the seminar; preferably clinical pastoral education. Application here
  • Travel Squad Leaders: Youth will be traveling from All Souls NYC to the UN Church Center each day; this position will be in charge of ensuring their assigned group gets to the location safely. To qualify for this position you must have a sense of direction in New York City and we prefer that you live in the Metro NY area. Registration fees are reduced 10%. Application coming soon.
  • Youth Sponsors: Adults over the age of 25 who travel to the seminar with youth participants and supervise them throughout, including lodging with the youth at an NYC congregation. Housing provided. Youth Sponsor Form coming soon.

Leadership Opportunities

We have a number of leadership roles available to those who'd like to take on a more hands-on role in facilitating the seminar (open to youth or adults). The following positions are selected by the staff of the UU United Nations Office and the chairs of the Planning Committee:​

  • Planning Committee Members: In the months leading up to the Spring Seminar, our Planning Committee convenes via phone, forming subcommittees to determine and coordinate: programming, budgeting, publicity, worship, speakers, youth programming, and scholarship recipients. Registration fees covered by UU-UNO. Application here
  • Collaboration Group Leaders: Leaders that facilitate intergenerational small group discussions during the Seminar; prompt questions will be provided. Registration fees are reduced 10%. 
  • Spirit Care Peers (SCPs): Participants will be engaging a variety of topics, some of which may be difficult or have a more personal impact. SCPs are individuals who are available to meet with participants who express a need to process the spiritual or emotional impact of their experience in a supportive space; those who have completed a chaplain training will receive priority consideration. Registration fees are negotiable.

Previous Spring Seminars

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