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As Unitarian Universalists we are committed to welcoming and supporting you.  Ours is a tradition that embraces a wide array of beliefs and identities.  No matter what stage of life you are in, you are welcome here.

Stages of Life

Our congregations intentionally affirm the infinite variety of families, and commit to provision and sustain them as they grow in spirit, love, and justice.

Unitarian Universalist congregations offer youth and young adults with online connections, congregational programming, campus ministry resources, leadership trainings, and more.

Marriages, child dedications, and memorial services ceremonies mark life transitions. Many congregations also hold ceremonies to welcome new members.

In addition to conferences and online communities for singles, many UU congregations host events or small group ministries for individuals who are not in a committed relationship.

Identity-Based Ministries

Unitarian Universalism is an inclusive and multicultural faith working towards a theology of wholeness and justice.  We welcome and affirm:

Pastoral Care

One way a congregation can support its members is by forming a Lay Pastoral Care Team, which works in conjunction with other religious professionals to connect members of the congregation to each other and provide support during times of joy and sorrow.

Lay Pastoral Care Team Ministry is a program developed by the River Road Unitarian Church in Bethesda, MD for forming your own Lay Pastoral Care Team.

Small Group Ministries

Many of our congregations offer Small Group Ministry (SGM) which provides a format that nurtures connections and explores spirituality.

Addictions Ministry

Addictions present many challenges; our faith provides strength and comfort with which to meet those challenges. Our Addictions Ministry Resources offer tools and information to support reflection and transparency, and to help those with addictions, their families, and their communities along the path to recovery.

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