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Life is full of hard edges and complicated choices. Braver/Wiser gives you weekly message of courage and compassion for life as it is. Every Wednesday we deliver an original written reflection by a contemporary UU religious leader, and brief prayer, grounded in Unitarian Universalism. Join the Braver/Wiser community and sign up today!


Weekly reflections will be written by: Marisol CaballeroSean Parker Dennison, Daniel Gregoire, Maureen Killoran, Jake Morrill, Robin Tanner, and Teresa Honey Youngblood. Edited by Erika Hewitt

Note: your email address will be used only for Braver/Wiser emails, although on occasion you may receive invitations to related projects from the Unitarian Universalist Association. WorshipWeb will never share your email address with outside organizations.


Join the Braver/Wiser community and sign up today!

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