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Prayers: “Oh Divine Spirit,

Also appropriate as Litanies

Oh Divine Spirit,
healer of my hurts,
consoler of my sorrows,
vibrant light of happiness,
birther of all life
and gentle way of death,
hear my prayer.
I raise my heart to you
as do the ancient redwoods,
rooted in the ground,
swaying in the wind.

I praise and thank you for my life,
gifts of body and essence,
strength to bear life's burdens,
grace to dance life's joys.

I praise and thank you for my life,
gifts of eyes and heart
that fill with beauty smiling,
or with pain and sadness weeping.

I praise and thank you for my life,
gifts of ears to hear
words of grace and wisdom,
to listen to and lighten
the burdens of others.

I praise and thank you for my life,
my voice to sing out praises,
to speak my truths and visions,
to share my self with others.

I praise and thank you for my life.
gifts of all my senses,
rhythm of my heartbeat,
rise and fall of my breathing,
the will to live with passion, serenity, joy.

Spirit, guide me to a deeper knowing
of your presence in the world.
Show me the deeper meanings
of the patterns of my years.
Help me regard myself and others
with eyes of calm compassion.
Teach me to learn patience
with their failings and my own.
Help me accept the mold and fashion
of my life through marching years.

In the names of all who perceive
your transcendent presence
in trees and brooks and mountains,
in work and play and resting,
in all moments and places between,
amen and blessed be.



Copyright: The author has given Unitarian Universalist Association member congregations permission to reprint this piece for use in public worship. Any reprints must acknowledge the name of the author.

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Last updated on Tuesday, February 19, 2013.

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