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Meditations: “Meditation for an Intergenerational Service

Let us join in the spirit of prayer and meditation.

We are each different. Some of us are bigger and others are smaller. Some of us are taller and others are shorter. Our hair is different colors and our eyes are different shapes.

Some of us like to spend our time playing with dinosaurs, others like playing with cards. Some of us like running, others like reading. Some of us like eating cookies, others like drinking coffee.

We are different, but we're also alike, because each of us is good at some things and not so good at others.

Each of us has days when we are kind and help others, and we each have days when we are grumpy and gruff.

We are alike because we each try to do what seems right to us. We each do the best we can.

We each like it when we're happy and with good friends. But each of us has times when we were angry or sad.

Let us remember that even though we may sometimes think life would be easier if everyone liked just what we like, and everyone thought just what we think -- our differences are what make each one of us unique and special.


1997 UUMA Worship Materials Collection

Copyright: The author has given Unitarian Universalist Association member congregations permission to reprint this piece for use in public worship. Any reprints must acknowledge the name of the author.

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Last updated on Tuesday, February 19, 2013.

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