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Chalice Lighting: “Fruit-bowl, salad-bowl, or chalice

Is it a fruit-bowl, a salad-bowl, or a chalice with blended juices or fine wine that holds us together in our religious community?
Is it our humanism, our progressivism, or our mysticism we have in common?
Is it a denominational label, a liberal spirit, or a noble history that connects us?
Is it our values, or our principles and purposes, which bind us?
Is it our way of being religious, our devotion to social justice, or our love of discussion that unites us?
Is it our free will, evolution, or is it God that holds us together as a spiritual community?
It is all of these and more that connect us in our Association of Congregations.
Our faith grows stronger as we come together to light our chalice with over one thousand Unitarian Universalist congregations on this Association Sunday.


Association Sunday 2009

Copyright: The author has given Unitarian Universalist Association member congregations permission to reprint this piece for use in public worship. Any reprints must acknowledge the name of the author.

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Last updated on Monday, March 25, 2013.

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