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Ceremonies: “Dedication of a New Chalice

Also appropriate as Dedications / Blessings

We, the Members of the [Name] Unitarian Universalist Congregation,
dedicate this chalice to Truth, to Community, and to Commitment.

Recognizing that each person possesses a portion of the greater Truth,
and knowing that no one may comprehend Truth in its entirety,
we affirm that this flame shall always represent the light of Truth.

May its light ever extend our vision,
that we may ever appreciate the diverse ways in which reality is revealed.

Recognizing that we need one another as surely as we need food, clothing, and shelter
and knowing that life has no meaning unless it is shared,
we affirm that this flame shall always represent the warmth of Community.

May its glow enfold all who gather in its presence,
and may all who search for understanding find their welcome here.

Recognizing that human relationships are rightly built on trust, justice, and Love,
and knowing that these values may be compromised by fear and doubt,
we affirm that this flame shall always represent the fire of Commitment.

May this fire always burn fiercely within us
as we commit ourselves to live out the values of our faith.


Copyright: The author has given Unitarian Universalist Association member congregations permission to reprint this piece for use in public worship. Any reprints must acknowledge the name of the author.

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Last updated on Tuesday, February 19, 2013.

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