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Blessing for the Women's March
Blessing for the Women's March

May you be safe.
May you be free from all harm.

As the road or skies carry you toward your fellow pilgrims,
may you sense the presence of those who travel with you in spirit,
whose hopes and hearts are tucked into your pockets,
who name your journey’s purpose as sacred.

May you encounter strangers-as-kindred,
and may that recognition of kinship bring joy to your journey.

Whether the faces in the crowd number in the dozens, hundreds, or thousands,
may you not only recognize yourself,
but may you also witness a dazzling tapestry of colors, languages, genders, ages, and bodies:
proud testament to and humbling display of our human family.

May the crowds be gentle, friendly, and patient.
If not, may the Spirit of Playfulness appoint you its momentary agent.
May you offer quiet praise for gestures of kindness.

May all bodies — vessels of spirit and soul — be treated as the gift that they are.
May the sturdiest of marchers make space for those who need more time,
more help, or a different means of moving.

May those bearing snacks share generously with others.
May you fuel yourself wisely, and hydrate.
In your hour of need, may you easily find a restroom,
and may it accommodate your body’s gender, size, and abilities.
May the line for the restroom be short.
If not, may you delight in the impulse to connect in ways mundane and profound.

Amid the heady flurry of selfies and hashtags,
may you remember the commitment that led you there,
and what will be required for the road ahead.

Gather it all up, blessed one; let it feed you.
Allow the crowds’ electric thrum to seep into you,
knitting itself into courage;
into holy boldness;
into fuel for the journey back, and for the journey forward.

About the Author

  • Erika Hewitt is a Unitarian Universalist parish minister, a wedding officiant, a writer, and a worship coach. She also serves as the UUA's WorshipWeb Curator, and Editor of Braver/Wiser , a weekly spirituality series. Together with Becky Brooks, Erika is in the process of...

Comments (12)

Kholmes509 6 months 1 week ago

Thank you!❤️

Carole.Hill 6 months 1 week ago

So beautiful. Thank you. 

Kara.Iannantuono 6 months 1 week ago

Thank you for writing what I couldn't!

Paula Watson At... 6 months 1 week ago

I should have expected such an uplifting, on-target blessing from you. You encouraged me at General Assembly. I feel blessed with your words and hope to carry them forth in Washington.


ehewitt 6 months 1 week ago

What a beautiful thing to say, Paula. Thank you!

Roberta.Gunn 6 months 1 week ago

Shared. This will be read at our West Palm Beach Rally on Saturday. What a blessing!

Laura Lovell 6 months 1 week ago

Thank you for a wonderful blessing and reminder of our committment!

kwilkins39 6 months 1 week ago

I love this blessing.  I just read it to our little planning group.  They loved it so much they asked me to read it on Friday once we are on the bus ready to depart for the March.  Another copy will be left home with my wife who will read it as she thinks of me off on this important venture.

ehewitt 6 months 1 week ago

That warms my heart, dear one and friend! Thanks for the heart-warming image of you & your wonderful congregation, for whom I have great fondness.

Cheryl.Fisher-Hejnal 6 months 1 week ago

Thank you so much. I am so moved by this prayer. I will read it out loud before I leave to march with my sisters and brothers in Chicago tomorrow morning. 

Janis 6 months 1 week ago

We here in MN love this!  I want to ask if there are copyright concerns.  It's so wonderfully couched and worded I know it will get used tomorrow, and probably reprinted.  I haven't seen one yet, but it's gone viral, and I want to be protective; I'm a musician.  I get it.  Thank you!

ehewitt 6 months 1 week ago

If my name remains attached, great. If it gets used without my name, so be it. xo E

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