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1. Create a list of doorways: Actions or thoughts that help you to forgive others and yourself.

2. Create a list of road blocks: Actions or thoughts that hinder you in forgiving others or yourself.

3. Create your maze.

4. How many doorways are on your list? That is how many openings you should include in your maze—that many, plus two more. The two extra are the doorways you have yet to discover, but hope to find. Locate a path through your maze that uses exactly this many doorways. Create more, if needed. If you have more than these in your maze already, you will need to fill in the lines to close these doorways. Label your doorways.

5. The lines you need to fill in represent road blocks. As you fill them in, label them from the list you created in Step 2. If you need more road blocks, label other solid lines as road blocks.

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Last updated on Wednesday, October 29, 2014.

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