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HANDOUT 1: Questionnaire

By Bill Bigelow. Rethinking Schools. Used by permission.

Find someone who believes that they are hurt by environmental injustice. Who is the person? How has, or might, this individual be hurt?

Find someone who believes that he/she might benefit from environmental injustice. Who is the person? How might the person benefit?

Find someone who is affected by environmental injustice in a way that is similar to how you're affected. Who is the person? How are your situations similar?

Find someone who will have to change her/his life because of environmental injustice. Who is the person? Why does this person have to make a life change? What might this individual do?

Find someone who lives on another continent than you do. How is this person affected by climate change? How is it different or similar to how you're affected?

Find someone who has an imaginative idea about what should be done to deal with environmental injustice. Who is the person? What is the person's idea?

If possible, find someone with whom you could take two joint actions in creating justice. Who is the person? What two actions might you take in common with one action seeming relatively easy while the other action requires both of you to use your imaginations? For that second action, think of something that most people would say, "No way. It would never work." For example, before women could legally vote, Susan B. Anthony, who was Unitarian, showed up to a polling station and actually voted. She surprised many men and women alike because most people never imagined a woman taking the step of actually voting. She used her imagination and got people thinking differently about what was possible. (Susan was fined 100 dollars for this illegal act and refused to pay.)

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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