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For every Israeli great-grandfather with memories of escaping anti-Semitism in Europe and finding a beloved homeland in British Mandated Palestine, there is a Palestinian great-grandfather with memories of Palestine as the only beloved homeland he has ever known.

For every Israeli grandmother with memories of walking with her mother to the market in their neighborhood in 1949, there is a Palestinian grandmother who remembers doing the same when that neighborhood was her home in 1947.

For every Israeli mother with memories of her son who was killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber, there is a Palestinian mother with memories of her daughter who was killed by an Israeli soldier.

For every Israeli child listening to loved ones share memories of family members and friends killed by Palestinians, there is a Palestinian child listening to loved ones share memories of family members and friends killed by Israelis. Those memories are powerful. And the choices those children will make as teenagers and adults based on those memories will also be powerful.

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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