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LEADER RESOURCE 3: Mirror and Window Meditation

Read aloud in a calm and reassuring voice.

Take a few breaths in and out at an easy pace in order to calm your body and mind. Let your mind wander until you get to a path. This path is peaceful and calm. Allow yourself to walk down the path for a while in your imagination.

Go slowly and pay attention to anything you may see along the path. Just notice any images or sensations and let them go as you wander slowly forward.

You come to a clearing now and find a comfortable place to rest. In your hand, imagine a wonderful tool that is both a mirror and a window, depending on which way you turn it. Look at each side of this tool. You can see your own face in the mirror side and the face of others will appear through the window.

Each time you turn the tool say softly to yourself. "I forgive you." "I forgive me."

Repeat this several times. "I forgive you." "I forgive me."

Gently put the tool down and slowly leave the clearing to return to your path. Walk gently along the path. Slowly notice your breathing and pay attention as your breathe in and out.

Quietly return to this room.

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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