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Introduction, Workshop 9: Buddhism 1—Waking Up

In "Building Bridges," a Tapestry of Faith program

When you begin to touch your heart or let your heart be touched, you begin to discover that it's bottomless, that it doesn't have any resolution, that this heart is huge, vast, and limitless. You begin to discover how much warmth and gentleness is there, as well as how much space. — Pema Chodron, American teacher of Tibetan Buddhism

This workshop introduces Buddhism, an ancient faith whose great number of adherents makes it the fifth largest religion in the world. Buddhism is founded on rational principles rather than faith. Instead of focusing on their souls, practitioners seek to harness, focus, and expand their minds through discipline and practice.

Activity 3, UU Buddhists involves a guest speaker from the congregation who practices Buddhism. If none is available, make alternate arrangements.

Alternate Activity 2 involves showing a two-hour video, The Buddha. If you think this might be a useful activity for the group, read the Preparation for Activity for ways to include it in the program.

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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