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Leader Resource 4: Occupations

Leader Resource 4: Occupations

Lawyer, butcher, trash collector, thief, corporate executive, full-time parent, lobbyist, hair stylist or barber, grocer, graphic artist, hardware store clerk, baker or chef, computer programmer, stockbroker, animal trainer, jeweler, actor, rapper, stunt-car driver, college professor, engineer, cab driver, teacher, doctor, dump truck driver, comedian, used car salesperson, dentist, professional gambler, human resources director, telemarketer, writer, waiter, pickpocket, movie or theatre critic, athlete, video game designer, dog walker, babysitter or nanny, psychologist, psychiatrist, architect, secretary, photographer, loan shark, realtor, farm laborer, construction worker, street musician, medical technician, rocket scientist, laser technician, brain surgeon, researcher, fry cook, hit man, slumlord, gofer, chauffeur, golf caddy, longshoreman, personal trainer, retail salesperson, produce stocker, president of the United States, butler, factory worker, glassblower, birthday party clown, circus roadie, plumber, judge, bar owner, publicist, news anchor, mail carrier, flight attendant, pilot, police officer, bureaucrat, fisherman, wine connoisseur, brewer, magazine editor, animal control agent, spy, motivational speaker, drug dealer, physical therapist, launderer, fashion model, songwriter, matador, maid, foley artist (sound effects designer), veterinarian, small-business owner, con artist, TV ad script writer, baseball coach, gardener, minister, metalworker, electrician, convenience store clerk, janitor, ship captain, nonprofit organization director, peace activist, politician, book illustrator, clothing designer, doll dresser, insurance adjustor, carpet cleaner, antiques appraiser, launderer, talk show host, light bulb tester, firefighter

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