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HANDOUT 2: Traditional Jewish Names

Abram — Exalted Father

Abraham — Father of Many / Father of Nations

Amos — To Carry

Baruch — Blessed

Benjamin — Son of the South

Chaya — Life

Esther — Star

Ethan — Solid, Enduring

Ezra — Help

David — Beloved

Deborah — Bee

Ephraim — Fruitful

Eli — Height, Ascension

Hannah — Favor or Grace

Hillel — Praise

Isaac — He Laughs

Israel — One Who Wrestles with God

Jacob — Supplanter (one who takes another's place) / Betrayer

Joseph — He Will Add

Leah — Weary

Levi — Attached

Marni — Rejoice

Martha — Lady, Mistress of the House

Maya — Water

Menachem — Comforter

Miriam — Bitterness, Rebelliousness, or Wished for Child

Naomi — Pleasantness

Rachel — Ewe

Raisa — Rose

Reuben — Behold, a Son

Ron — Song, Joy

Sarah — Princess / Princess of All

Sarai — My Princess

Shayna — Beautiful

Shimon (Simon) — Hearkening, Listening

Solomon — Peace

Tobiah — Yahweh Is Good

Uriel — God Is My Light

Zelda — Luck

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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