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HANDOUT 1: Then What Would You Do or Believe?

First, read Leader Resource 1, If You Believed. Circle one choice for each item.

  • There is a Trinity / There is no Trinity
  • Accept blood transfusions / Refuse blood transfusions
  • Evolution conflicts with religious teaching / Evolution is compatible with religious teaching
  • Take good care of your body / Not pay attention to your body
  • Use all available resources of the earth / Attempt to be a responsible caretaker of the earth
  • Do not celebrate things that are not mentioned in the Bible / Celebrate birthdays
  • Celebrate Christmas / Choose another way to celebrate Christ's birth
  • Celebrate Easter / Choose another way to celebrate Christ's rebirth
  • Keep the truth to yourself / Speak to people about the saving truth
  • Serve my country in the military / Refuse to serve in the military

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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