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Taking It Home, Workshop 12: Christianity 2

In "Building Bridges," a Tapestry of Faith program

They have no right to exercise power over us except insofar as we may have granted it to them.... We are all priests, as many of us as are Christians. — Martin Luther

DURING TODAY'S WORKSHOP... We continued our exploration of Christianity by acting out the birth of Protestantism with Martin Luther. We looked at a ranking of Protestant denominations and the diversity of Christian churches in our area.


What does the Bible mean to you?


  • The Christian Bible Reference Site has Bible stories and answers to frequently asked questions. It also has puzzles to increase your biblical literacy.
  • Christianity, like other religions, finds ways to be relevant to today's youth. Go to Creative Bible Studies to see how this site connects Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the video game Halo to Christianity.
  • Look through the Yellow Pages (C) under "churches." What can you tell about the Christian composition of your city by the number of different denominations represented in the phone book?

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Last updated on Wednesday, October 29, 2014.

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