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Alternate Activity 3: Buddhist Board Game (30 minutes), Workshop 10: Buddhism 2—Right Living

In "Building Bridges," a Tapestry of Faith program

Materials for Activity

  • A Buddhist board game

Preparation for Activity

  • Obtain a Buddhist board game such as Karma Chakra or Buddhist Knowledge Quest. Karma Chakra goes into more depth than Buddhist Knowledge Quest, but is more expensive. You may be able to find a used version of either game online. You will need one game board for every four participants.
  • Review the rules of your chosen game(s). Play it yourself, if possible, to anticipate any issues that may arise.
  • Decide how you will divide the group, for example by having them count off, choose a color poker chip from a bowl, or form groups based on first or last name initials.

Description of Activity

This activity is intended as the last element of this workshop before the Closing. Participants play a Buddhist board game to solidify their understanding of Buddhist terms and concepts in a fun way.

Form groups of four and help the youth set up to play the games. As they play, be available to answer questions that come up.

Give the youth a five-minute warning before their time is up. Have everyone help put away the games and reset the room.

Ask which of the Buddhist concepts they explored in the workshop(s) were included in the games they just played.

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Last updated on Wednesday, October 26, 2011.

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