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HANDOUT 2: Beaded Geckos

Posted by Iceman1987 on the Hub website; permission pending.

For use in Alternate Activity 4, Beaded Geckos.

For each gecko:

1. Cut 4 feet of ribbon

2. Run ribbon through the bottom of the lanyard hook, and tie a simple knot.

3. Run ribbon in opposite directions through the beads, following the pattern shown.

Note: Feet are tricky. After completing the two beads after the eyes (4th row), add two more body-color beads on both sides. Then add three feet-color beads to each side, and string back through the two body-color beads. Then, continue on with normal threading with ribbon alternating sides as you go.

4. At the end of the gecko's tail, tie a double knot to finish!

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Last updated on Monday, October 20, 2014.

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