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Activity 2: Story - The Prince And The Rhinoceros

Activity time: 10 minutes

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Read the story. If you can, prepare to tell it rather than read it from the page.

Description of Activity

Invite the children to get comfortable for listening to a story. Read or tell the story.

Engage the group in a discussion of the kind of friendship Great Joy and the Prince had before their disagreement. What qualities made the friendship strong and valuable? If the group understands the term, "intangible gifts," you may use the term in these questions:

  • What intangible gifts did Great Joy give the Prince? [love, trust, invitation (to run the race), kindness, loyalty, honesty]
  • What intangible gifts did the Prince give Great Joy? [love, trust, covenant (to run the race together), kindness, loyalty, affirmation of his good qualities]

Now ask:

  • When the Prince spoke harshly to Great Joy, how did that change their friendship?
  • Was the Prince being fair?

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