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Leader Resource 2: Wool-weaving Illustration

The craft, "Wool Weaving," appears in the book, Animal Crackers, copyright by and available from Heifer International. Permission pending.

Wool Weaving


Four lengths of 36" yarn, 4 drinking

straws, ball of yarn, pieces of



1. Thread each piece of yarn

through a straw; divide yarn in


2. Knot pairs together; loop over

doorknob or hook; push straws

against knot. To anchor, wrap

yarn ends around slit cardboard.

3. Wind ball of yarn on to cardboard

shuttle; weave over and under on

straws until they are covered.

4. Push weaving away from you; pull straws

toward you.

5. Continue until long enough to make a belt.

6. Remove straws; knot yarn ends.

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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