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Faith In Action: Ideas, Session 10: Courage And Conviction (Saddlebags)

In "Toolbox of Faith," a Tapestry of Faith program

Description of Activity

Plan a Faith in Action activity to help participants extend the core learning of this session into action in the congregation and wider world. Consider any action that allows participants either to develop and express their convictions, or to support others in courageously taking a stand.

Some suggestions include:

  • Learn who in your congregation has been particularly courageous in living out their convictions. Invite that person to speak with the group and answer questions about the challenges and rewards of living one's convictions.
  • Invite your minister or another experienced religious professional to talk about the spiritual value of discernment and ways to practice contemplation of one's convictions. Ask this person to lead the group in some discernment practices.
  • Meet with a congregational group that is involved in courageous action. If appropriate, arrange for the children to join in their work. Ask the group's members how they keep their courage up when things are challenging.
  • Engage the children to research one or more contemporary or historical groups whose members have spoken out at the risk of ridicule or injury. Challenge the children to look for statements of personal commitment that shed light on individuals' sense of conviction and how they maintain their courage. Exchange information about these groups and their work, including (for contemporary groups) what the children can do to support them.
  • Invite participants to work up brief "stump sermons" on a topic about which they feel conviction. Let the congregation know where such itinerant preaching will be going on. Make sure to meet afterward, so children can compare notes about how many people attended, and how it felt to share deep convictions in front of others. If an appropriate place exists in your community, participants may wish to try this exercise with an even broader audience.

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Last updated on Wednesday, October 26, 2011.

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