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Leader Resource 3: Have You Ever... ? Questions

Stand up if you have ever...
Had a birthday
Eaten too much
Had a haircut
Had a haircut you didn't like
Had a bug fly up your nose
Had a pet
Held a frog
Blown bubbles
Gotten gum stuck in your hair
Made a face
Made a friend
Helped bake a cake
Broken something that belonged to someone else, and found the courage to tell
Broken something that belonged to someone else and been afraid to tell them.
Stood up for someone who was being treated unkindly.
Found something that belonged to someone else and had to decide whether to
turn it in or keep it.
Told the truth when it would have been easier to say something untrue.
Had a friend who wanted you to do something that you thought was wrong.
Said "no," to a friend who wanted you to do something that was wrong
Picked up some litter in your neighborhood
Kept a secret that someone asked you to keep.
Felt sorry later, after you passed on mean gossip about someone.
Refused to pass on mean gossip.
Felt sad about something that you did that hurt someone else's feelings.
Not eaten the last cookie when your sister or brother didn't get one yet.
Helped someone who was elderly or sick.
Helped a younger child at your school or neighborhood.
Worked really hard at a project.
Been patient with a younger sister or brother.

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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