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Leader Resource 2: Animal Posing

Characters in story, "We Are All One"

Suggested pose/motion

Suggested statement

Woman looking for herb

Put a hand above one's eyes as if searching for something

"I hope I can find the herb."

"I've been searching for a long time."

"Poor ants. I should help them."

Woman's family members and other villagers who have the illness

Cover eyes with hands

"Everything looks blurry. I cannot see!"

"I hope a cure is found."


Huddle on the ground

"Help us!"


Arch back forward, then back, and wiggle arms

"I've got to get away."

Hungry bird

Flap arms

"I am so hungry!"

Living Beings

Suggested pose/motion


On all fours with backs arched


Extend arms, as branches


Wriggle on floor


Point finger in front of face, as a stinger


Crouch and bounce on bent legs


Stand with arms dropped straight down and swung as a trunk, with hands clasped


Stand with knees slightly bent and arms crooked in front of body


Press palms together with back and forth swimming motion


Cup hands around mouth and point face up, as if howling

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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