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LEADER RESOURCE 1: Ethical Challenges

1. You are shopping for a new outfit in a large department store. One outfit is exactly the design, color and price you want. Another outfit is more expensive and a different design, but it has a belt that would look great on the first outfit. You realize you could add the belt to the first outfit and no one would notice. What is the right thing to do and how do you know?

2. When you were talking to the teacher today, you saw a list of spelling words that will be on tomorrow's test. Now you do not know what to do. Should you just keep quiet and take the test? Should you speak to your teacher? Should you call your friends tonight and tell them what the words are? What is the right thing to do and how do you know?

3. Your favorite uncle has asked you to help him for the day, and you were happy to say yes. Now you are in his pickup truck, heading for the recycling center. In the back are several trashcans filled with PVC containers. However, buried among them are some other bottles that do not belong. You know your uncle intends to pretend that everything is PVC and throw it in the same pile just to get rid of it. What will you say? What is the right thing to do and how do you know?

4. You are playing doubles tennis and a good friend is your partner. Twice your team has scored points because your partner said a ball had landed outside the line when it really had not. The second time your friend winked at you, so you know the "mistake" was on purpose. What will you say if this happens again? What is the right thing to do and how do you know?

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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