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LEADER RESOURCE 2: Dear Dr. Phayre


Dear Dr. Phayre,

I saw a kid cheat on a test in my sixth grade class! The kid got an A, and I got a C, and THAT'S NOT FAIR! If I tell on the kid, everybody will hate me. What should I do?


Dear Dr. Phayre,

I tried out for my sixth grade play last week. But I was sick that day and somebody else got the part. THAT'S NOT FAIR! What should I do?


Dear Dr. Phayre,

My friend is in trouble for something I did. THAT'S NOT FAIR! I know it. But my friend's mother is being nice about it and my father might hit me if he finds out. He has done that before, believe me. What should I do?


Dear Dr. Phayre,

I'm the only kid in sixth grade who is neither tall nor short. I am just medium height and there's nothing I can do about it and I'm the only one and THAT'S NOT FAIR! What should I do?


Dear Dr. Phayre,

My older brother always gets everything new and I get all his hand-me-downs and THAT'S NOT FAIR! What should I do?


Dear Dr. Phayre,

My friend's parents are getting a divorce and everything bad always happens to my friend and it never happens to me and I don't want it to happen to me but THAT'S NOT FAIR! What should I do?


Dear Dr. Phayre,

I heard my mother tell her friend that my younger brother is the clever one in our family and I wonder if that is true, because I do not get good grades in school, and THAT'S NOT FAIR! What should I do?


Dear Dr. Phayre,

My parents have a bunch of money and they give me everything I want but my friend's parents are poor so my friend can't have anything and THAT'S NOT FAIR! What should I do?


Dear Dr. Phayre,

My parents said I could go to camp this summer if I got good grades and I did but now my parents say they are proud of me but they can't afford the camp so I can't go and THAT'S NOT FAIR! What should I do?

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Last updated on Monday, October 20, 2014.

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