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HANDOUT 2: Four Questions

Imagine that Mystery has suddenly arrived on earth in a spaceship. Mystery is the wisest being in the universe, who knows all the big questions there are—and the answers. Mystery has agreed to answer just one question from just one person. All the people on Earth have put their names into a giant hat. Mystery has pulled out just one name. Congratulations! The name is yours. You get to ask just one question. So...

1. What is your biggest and most important question? Write it here:

2. Now, imagine a little bit of how Mystery might answer your question. Write it here:

3. Would that answer satisfy you? If so, write "okay" below. If not, write a follow-up question you would want to ask Mystery.

4. Can we ever solve life's mystery? Answer "yes" or "no" what do you personally think?

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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