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LEADER RESOURCE 1: Drinking Gourd Role Play Scenarios

1. One child wants to play a game with their class. The second child is a classmate who responds to that child unkindly and unfairly. The witness is another child in the class who watches the whole thing without getting involved.

2. One child plays a teacher who has made a new rule about what hairstyles are allowed on the school playground. The second child is not allowed to play outside on the playground because their hair is too long (or too short). The witness is a child whose hairstyle is allowed, according to the new rule, and who watches the interaction without getting involved. NOTE: When you debrief this scenario, solicit ideas about what to do when a rule is unfair.

3. One child is going to school with their homework, which took a long time to finish. The second child is a classmate who grabs it and rips it up. The witness is a third child who watches the whole thing without getting involved.

4. Somebody has drawn pictures with permanent markers all over the walls. One child plays someone who did not do it. The second child plays a very angry parent who is ready to punish the first person they see, with or without proof that they did it. The witness is a child who watches the whole thing without getting involved.

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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