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Activity 2: Two Truths and a Lie Game (20 minutes), Session 12: Seeing Truth/True Seeing

In "Love Connects Us," a Tapestry of Faith program

Materials for Activity

  • Paper and a pencil for each participant

Description of Activity

Distribute paper and pencils. Invite the group to play Two Truths and a Lie. Explain:

Each participant writes down two things about themselves that are true, but which others might not know about them, or might find surprising. They also write down one lie—something that is not true about them.

Give them a minute to write. Then, invite each participant, in turn, to read their three statements aloud; encourage the children to mix up the order of true and false statements. Once a participant has read all three statements, invite the others raise hands to vote for the statement they think is a lie. After everyone has voted, the reader tells the group which statement was the lie.

Process with these questions:

  • Was it difficult to think of things the group does not know about you?
  • How hard was it to come up with a lie? Was it fun?
  • What interesting or surprising truths did you learn about each other?
  • Whose lies seemed the most believable? Why?

Including All Participants

Ask volunteers to read their three statements to the group, rather than going around in a circle. If a child wishes to pass, that is fine.

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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