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Leader Resource 2: How to Lead a Spiral Dance

Adapted from the Dream Roads website, which also provides an animated illustration of a spiral dance.

For use with Activity 2, Move It! Spiral Dance.

Stand in a circle holding hands. Leader drops the hand of the person to their left and begins to move to the left, passing just in front of that person. Participants follow as they are guided by the leader.

Spiraling toward the center of the circle, travel one full time around the circle and then move halfway around the circle. Without dropping hands, turn toward the person on your right and move past this person and continue spiraling to your left past the other people in the circle, facing them. Continue until you pass the last person in the line.

Now continue to spiral facing out one full circle. After a full circle, turn again to face the person to your right without dropping their hand. Spiral to your left past the other people in the circle, facing them. Go a small distance past the last person in the line and begin to spiral in toward the center of the circle, making increasingly small circles as you go. Keep winding toward the center until you are huddled close together in the middle of the circle.

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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