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Leader Resource 1: Another Way Relay

To conduct the Another Way Relay, form teams of three.

The "ones" must cross the room without using their feet, pick up a slip of paper with one of the instructions on it without using their hands, and return to their group without using their feet. The "twos" then take the slip of paper from the first person. The slip of paper contains brief instructions for a simple task. The "twos" communicate these instructions to the "threes" without using their voices. The "threes" must figure out what the task is, complete it, and return to their team.

Possible tasks to provide on slips of paper include:


Cross the room, walking backward, to get a pencil. Pick it up without using your hands and bring it back.


Close your eyes. With your eyes closed, cross the room, touch the far wall, and come back again.


Make your hands into fists. Cross the room, find something to wear as a scarf, and put it on while keeping your hands in fists the whole time.


Put your hands on your head. Turn a light switch off and then back on without taking your hands off your head.

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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