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LEADER RESOURCE 5: Maglipay Universalist

Words by Toribio S. Quimada. Lyricized by Richard Boeke, 1989.

The title means "be joyful, Universalist." You can see a video of a congregation singing this hymn.

Be joyful, Universalist, come celebrate our convention.

Officials, members, all unite, rejoicing in debate that’s free,

To teach the Universal Light.  

To strengthen church democracy



To teach the hope that is for all, proclaim the universal call.

To teach the hope that is for all, proclaim the universal call.


So many rigid Biblicists restrict our God to ancient days.

Often both priest and Calvinists are preaching narrow only ways.

Remember Universalist,

the sun of God has many rays.



Heaven is Universalist, including middle, rich and poor.

It is not being on a list, that opens up the divine door.

Lift up your hearts to God’s great grace,

that reaches out to every race.


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Last updated on Wednesday, October 26, 2011.

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