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Taking It Home, Workshop 9: William F. Schulz

In "What Moves Us," a Tapestry of Faith program

No one knows better than I that the [Spirit] often fails to keep appointments with our congregations on Sunday morning. When that happens, it is often useful to go for a walk in the woods on Sunday afternoon! But even so, what has happened Sunday morning is not without value. For even when the Spirit fails to show, the church is where we learn how to touch It elsewhere, what to look for in the woods, and how to see. — William F. Schulz

Reflect with your family, your friends, or in your journal about times when you have found your own impulses and behavior not in line with your espoused values. What helps you to integrate your own scary impulses? What keeps you from acting in a way that is counter to your own Unitarian Universalist values?

Faith in Action

Reflect on Schulz's notion that the international community determines agreed-upon human rights. Does this notion call us, as Unitarian Universalists, to action that will influence the international community to align itself more closely with Unitarian Universalist Principles and values?

Learn the work of Amnesty International and find out about the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee's work on behalf of human rights. Explore how to bring this important work to the attention of your congregation and your community, perhaps as a small group ministry Unitarian Universalist theology initiative.

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Last updated on Thursday, February 7, 2013.

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