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LEADER RESOURCE 1: A Ritual Celebrating a Loving Community

Cut sheet into 5 strips along dotted lines.

A Ritual Celebrating a Loving Community

Part I

Centering: Create a simple opening to the ritual, with words, song, movement, candle light, or whatever your imagination calls to you, for the purpose of calling us together around the theme of celebrating a loving community.

A Ritual Celebrating a Loving Community

Part II

Sharing the Journey: Tell or enact a short story of an experience of loving community within the congregation. First, you may quickly share experience and then come to agreement on what to share in the ritual. How will you share it? Can more than one person tell the story? Can all of you tell the story?

A Ritual Celebrating a Loving Community

Part III

Meditation or Prayer: Create a reflective, meditative or prayerful expression of hope for loving community among us. How will you present this? With one voice? In unison? With several voices speaking in turn? Where will you locate yourselves?

A Ritual Celebrating a Loving Community

Part IV

Moving into Loving Community: Create poses that embody loving community with the congregation. Pick a series of poses, and put them in an order, and create transitions. Think of this as movement and body sculpture that expresses loving community. Will you "present" this, or is there a way to involve all of us in this movement?

A Ritual Celebrating a Loving Community

Part V

Closing: Create a closing to our ritual celebrating loving community. What are the images you want us to take with us? How can you use your voices, or simple movements, to express these images? How can you help us to end this ritual with a feeling of gratitude?


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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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