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HANDOUT 1: The State of Racial/Ethnic Relations at _____ [name of your congregation]



Policies and Practices

  • Congregants in the dominant racial group are comfortable talking about issues of race with persons from non-dominant racial groups.
  • People of Color and people from racially or ethnically marginalized groups are represented in positions of power and authority in the congregation.
  • People of Color and people from racially or ethnically marginalized groups feel free to speak or share an option without fear of reprisal or fear of hurting others' feelings.
  • Practices and policies are intentionally designed and monitored with an antiracist multicultural lens.
  • Members of the congregation hold each other accountable for their actions.

Worship and Spirituality

  • Liturgy, music, and religious education represent a broad array of cultural traditions and experiences of members of the congregation and/or community.
  • Spiritual practices from multiple cultural perspectives are taught and celebrated.

Cross-Cultural and Multicultural Relationships

  • Congregants form and celebrate caring friendships outside of formal worship and committee work.
  • People take a stand against racist jokes and comments.
  • Congregants are curious about the perspectives and assumptions of others (as opposed to judging or arguing about what others think or do).
  • People of Color and people from racially and ethnically marginalized groups feel free to congregate and celebrate their cultural traditions without being seen as separatist.

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Last updated on Saturday, December 10, 2011.

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