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When Disaster Happens

wind-blown plam trees and water in the road

This month, natural disasters have created destruction and hardship for hundreds of thousands of people—from the derecho in Iowa, to the fires in California, to the most recent Hurricane Laura in Louisiana and Texas, people’s homes have been damaged, they have lost power and possessions, and life has been so deeply disrupted.  

When disasters like this happen, the UUA’s Disaster Relief Fund steps in to help congregations, and to help congregations help their communities, especially those who are disproportionately impacted. This fund is supported by the generous donations of UUs across the country support our Disaster Relief Fund. We encourage you to contribute if you can; we strongly encourage you to apply for a grant if your congregation, your people, and your community have been hit by these disasters, or any others in the future. Consider a special collection in your congregation; consider posting the link in your Sunday services. Hold up our people around the nation who are struggling because of these disasters. For more information, please feel free to contact Lisa Presley, lpresley@uua.org, who chairs the Disaster Relief Fund for the UUA.