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Leadership development in our congregations should be an extension of faith development. But our congregational leaders need more than technical training, they need a combination of skills, sensibilities and internal qualities to enable them to be both effective and faithful. This nuanced difference in the meanings of the words “training” or even “development” could be better described as “leadership formation.”

Each section contains resources that have been created or curated by your UUA Congregational Life Field Staff—the people who work directly with our member congregations and emerging communities.

Skills for Leadership Development

Man giving a presentation with video

Communication, management, and other leadership skills can be developed through a combination of study and practice.

Develop your Leadership Skills

Leadership Sensibilities

A pile of books on Systems Thinking

Sensibilities are lenses that our leaders can develop in order to get a better "view from the balcony" of the situations in which they are leading and the people that they are working with. Part of developing these sensibilities is knowing that it is an ongoing process of learning, reflecting and shifting awareness.

Expand your own understanding using different sensibilities

Leadership as Faith Formation

A pile of hymnals, Serving with Grace and a Chalice

Because Leadership Development is a kind of faith formation, we want each leader to develop self-awareness and find ways to cultivate and improve their full, authentic selves, especially in ways that make them better leaders.

Learn what it means to be a faithful UU leader


Voting at a Congregational Meeting

Effective, efficient and faithful governance supports the ministry of the congregation, which in turn serves its greater mission in the world.

Learn more about effective UU congregational governance

Programs in Your Congregation

A congregation discerns their vision in a World Cafe

Create an ongoing program of leadership identification and training, followed by matching people to meaningful opportunities to serve. 

Develop a congregational Leadership Development Program

Leadership Schools

Youth and Young Adults at Multicultural Leadership School

Leadership Schools offer a learning experience that can be transformational. Schools range from whole weeks to long weekends to online versions.  Each school has its own culture and format, some offered by regions and some offered nationally.

Find out about different Leadership School options

Leadership in Small Congregations

Chalice and Altar

Leadership in the family-sized church has it's own unique challenges. With fewer people to do the work of the church, leaders need to right-size their governance and ministry programs.

More about leading in small congregations

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